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Instant Conversational Malay for Determined Newbies

I can gladly promise you that this will be the easiest language to learn and you will be sufficiently communicative in the shortest possible time.

Why did I start this weblog?

So many questions from too many people…hence this web-log

Frankly? Johor suits me brilliantly just as it now is: few people, square miles of space, unbelievable affordability in housing, food and living in general and 80% less stress than in my last 10 years in Singapore.


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Malaysia is possibly the most popular, welcoming destination for people looking for sanctuary in sunshine with lush green forests and all the conveniences of a modern country.

This scheme granting qualified foreigners – many of them over 40 or retirees – long visas or multiple-entry social visit passes on rather easy terms may suit you if you are planning to stay for long periods in Malaysia.


Can you buy fresh pork in Johor?

Will my house get flooded every year?

Is cholera everywhere?


Should I leave RM$50 in a bowl in the living room so robbers won’t assault us? Read more...



Is buying a property in Johor a good investment?

Apart from a huge improvement in quality of life if you also live here – also an arguable point if you thrive best in a bustling city or must have hot nightlife most nights, or must be less than 20 minutes from your office – this is really the question.


Why did we move from Singapore to Johor?

Because in Singapore we could not afford to buy a house with land to grow fruit trees and vegetables and have space for our dog to run free. Our simple two-storied bungalow in Johor within the IDR is on 9000 square feet of land and cost us less than a 4-room HDB found in a good location.


Save money at the Tolls!

20% rebate possibility

If you cross any combination of toll booths 80 or more times in a month you will be entitled to a 20% over your expense. For drivers who use the Second Link and Woodlands Causeway often, this is a Good Thing.


What should I do if my passport is lost or stolen?

This is what you need to do as of today - and I shall keep you informed of any changes.


Instant Info

Traffic Watch(Causeway)
Also: http://iskandarmsia. blogspot.sg/p/edl-traffic- cameras.html
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