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Still with doubts about investing in Johor? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 July 2010 07:18

Still with doubts about investing in Johor?

With the coming multiple bi-lateral plans for joint development? Even when there is no longer any capital gains tax and for the IDR no property tax?

This breaks down to probably two main concerns and a few lesser ones:

Main two? Security and Hospitalization (details later)?

Lesser ones? This is a partial list, but these are perceived complaints so it isn’t all or always true: inefficiency so it is very slow to get things done; if you don’t speak Malay it is hard to make yourself understood as the standard of English is sometime non-existent; an inadequate public transport system; pathetic attitude to maintenance of public facilities; litter and dirty roads; poor food hygiene at public eating places; badly maintained toilets and so on.

And if you have children of school-going age, the perceived poor quality of the education available in Johor OR whether the commute to Singapore is a worthwhile hassle to put up with.

On the education opportunities becoming available in Johor, there are private schools and Marlborough College will be open with boarding facilities within a year.


The less dire concerns are an off-putting thought if you are thinking of visiting and you fear to encounter some of them. But they are even more important if you are thinking of living a part or most of your life in Johor. There are so many considerations, and the most common ones given are Quality of Life and Cost of Living.


There is no doubt that housing, food, utilities, a car and generally speaking, Johor is less expensive. Some people will put up with any negatives Singapore has for the sake of assumed safety of person and property … others quote the drop in stress, the space, clean air, no crowding and Nature … individual choice.


There is also the question of whether investing in property in Johor will yield the same or better returns than the same investment in Singapore. Well, you are unlikely to be able to compare the cost of investment because the semi-D in Johor is not even the cost of a three room HDB flat in a distant location. But are you buying to live in it or as an investment? Singapore will give much better increase in price, provided there is no bubble to burst.


So, are the other concerns fact or exaggeration?

My family has lived in Johor now for four years. A cousin has lived here since 1967 and has seen much more than I have, including history unfolding.

His advice is to regard Johor without any imposition of a Singapore eye view. It is a different country so go with it rather than try to bend it to your idea of what it can or should be.


Come and see for yourself before you decide. Do read on here and write to me if you have any other questions.

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