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Renting a residential property in Johor PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 July 2010 09:18

Renting a residential property in Johor


Think this through carefully as there are many considerations.

As an alternative to paying much more to rent in Singapore? Definitely. And if you are modest in your expectations, that can be as low as RM$450 for a two storey terrace house with a small garden.

Because living expenses in Johor are much lower? Definitely, for (apart from the rent) the utilities, food, petrol, licenses, cable TV, repairs and maintenance of car/house, medical and dental, medicines, entertainment and more.

To try out living in Johor before committing to buying your own place? Not a bad idea as long as it is going to be more or less where you will eventually settle, to get a proper feel of the place.

As a weekend end place to chill out? There is less tension and stress in the air, the people of Johor you have to deal with are more relaxed and smile more easily. Works out much cheaper than flying somewhere for a holiday.

How long is long enough to know? A house lease in Johor is not usually shorter than a year, though even that is negotiable.

Ask yourself these questions:

- does everyone in the family agree to this? Does it matter? (mahjong games, regular religious attendance, school…?)

- how often do I need to travel to Singapore?

- where exactly do I have to go in Singapore most of the time?

- mode of travel: am I going to drive both ways, take the bus or a taxi?

- after paying the tolls and petrol and factoring in the time for travel, is there a real saving in cash? [lifestyle & improvement in quality of life to one side]

- will I be having to travel often during rush hours? If so, am I prepared to get up an hour or two earlier or come home later?

- do I have special medical, religious, social ties that require me to be in Singapore many times a week?

If your feeling of well-being and security depends on keeping close touch with Singapore news, you will be pleased to know that JB and the parts of the IDR closer to Singapore can pick up all the regular TV channels (not cable, but then you do not have to pay any license fee either).

The cost is from RM$450 for a terrace house to RM$4500 for an apartment in the heart of JB. In between are very decent semi-detached houses with three bedrooms and bathrooms attached with garden space for RM$1000+. A luxury bungalow can cost you RM$9000+ if they provide excellent security.

Price is dictated by the usual factors: location, facilities, condition of the place, whether or not it is furnished, what sort of neighbourhood it is … and … security.


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