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History and Tradition
Saturday, 10 July 2010 14:55

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia)

The ‘performance enhancer’ for hopeful men, extracted from a root.

Yes you can buy it in pills, drinks, creams, teas, coffee and whoknowswhat next. Male friends are strongly on both sides of the fence I am sitting on.

Does it work – definitely helps if you believe in it, and many people swear as to its efficacy. There is some research done that seems to lean in favour of its positive effects.

Otherwise, who knows?

However, and from a woman friend who seems to know, if you can get hold of the original plant, chewing the leaves relieves migraines and lesser headaches and is very good for blood circulation.

Hope springs eternal … tongkat ali  in small quantities anyway shouldn’t harm you.


These are traditional powder concoctions made into usually unpalatable drinks tasting strongly of raw curry powder. There is a specific jamu to treat different bodily conditions: restoration after childbirth, to look younger, give strength and energy and so on.

The art of creating the jamu is supposedly passed down from mother to daughter – some may be genuine and some are definitely not. Fortunately, jamu now comes in pill form, saving you from the burning, nausea-inducing drink. Considering how well the hardworking women who regularly consume jamu look, there might be truth in some of the claims.


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