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Coping with Death and the Funeral in Johor PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 25 February 2013 03:01

Coping with Death and the Funeral

Ok – suay! And for good measure …Choy!

But here is the information in case – God forbid – an accident or a death from illness should occur while you are in Johor.

If you should wish to have the funeral in Singapore

Singaporeans are required to engage an undertaker who would be able to assist with the preparation and transport the body to Singapore.  They will work with the Singapore Consulate staff to ensure that the paperwork is in order when it crosses the border. The Singapore Consulate normally engages Mr. Richard Lim and his shop is at Little India in JB.  Richard can be reached at 0167771717. If there is any other undertaker you know of, they need to assure you that they know the procedures for a smooth operation. On the Singapore side the usual arrangements with an undertaker, religious rites and such would be as usual.

If you prefer to have the funeral in Johor

This is a choice, although if family and friends are mostly in Singapore, keep in mind that it will be regarded as a great difficulty for them to make the trek up to Johor, perhaps in the middle of a working day, to attend the funeral. It may also be extremely difficult for them to find out and then make their way by their own transport or Johor taxi to where the church or temple is located.

Consider also that you may want to have a wake for a few days, and for the Singaporeans to have to make two trips to Johor would be a real strain for most, specially if they do not drive.

There is also the ever-present nervousness of the Singaporean who does not often come to Johor that they will be mugged, robbed and face being seriously, physically hurt.

And then the cremation facilities are nowhere as sophisticated as you will find at Mandai. This being an extremely emotional time, matters of this sort may be very important to the grieving family.

All that having being said, the Johor undertakers are able to handle all the funeral arrangements on the Johor side, including the cremation and the sealing of the urn after the cremation. If you wish to take the ashes back to Singapore, they will be able to issue an export certificate.

The cost of all this will be in the region of RM$5000, with variations depending on your choice of several of the usual options.

You can count on the Singapore Consulate for reliable and sensitive handling of the entire situation, because they have done it several times before and are trained in such matters.

May you never need to use any of this information, as you live in good health and a long life in the good air and less stress of Johor.

Singapore Consulate-General's office is at 35-02, Level 35, City Square Office Tower, 106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook. Tel: 07-2265012