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If you have a breakdown on the Second Link … PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 24 August 2013 05:45

If you have a breakdown on the Second Link …

One fine weather night at about 11 pm I received a call from a good friend whose bike had simply cut out on his way back into Nusajaya.

Could I please fetch him? Of course! Took very little time to get to him, and he waited in a cool breeze.

Since I didn’t need to go into Singapore I asked the person at the passport check-in on the Singapore side what I should do in the circumstances - complication that required that I go to the office after parking my car on the side. The officer in charge was helpful and very cautious, and I was questioned closely as to these unusual circumstances. Finally, having checked that the bike had cleared CIQ in Singapore and was not on the Singapore side of the causeway, I was permitted to go through a different route from usual via several locked gates which they obligingly opened for me. Two sets of toll fees were saved.

I drove back onto the causeway to pick up my waiting friend. But I couldn’t get his bike into the car, so we left it on the side of the causeway with fingers crossed. He would take care of it the following morning.

He had a very difficult time the following morning, looking for a tow truck and for someone to repair his Vespa – but at least the vehicle was still there, and he was not prosecuted. Hidup Malaysia!

Now, this is what I have learnt from the exercise:

1. No Singaporean tow truck is allowed on that causeway, even if the vehicle is a Singapore-registered vehicle. You have to hire a Malaysian company that is licensed to do this sort of towing.

2. You would be in dire straits if the vehicle broke down on the Singapore side and then left it, as it is likely that you would be fined for abandoning the vehicle and also be liable for the charges incurred in removing your vehicle and then face the hassles of recovering it from where it is impounded.

3. So if your vehicle breaks down on the Singapore side, you would need to hire a Malaysian tow truck licensed to provide that service – this would be even if you want the vehicle delivered in Singapore.

4. Ideally, should you suffer a motorbike break down, you would request a friend with a vehicle big enough to load on the bike to take into Singapore or Malaysia. If you have a bike, good idea to cultivate such a friend soon.

5. *If your car breaks down the Automobile Association of Malaysia can help. For bikes, a daytime repair shop in Johor can advise, otherwise ask Bike Rescue or Bikebulance in Singapore. More information when I find out myself.

6. A cool night is about the best you can hope for in terms of the weather. A rainy night or scorching day would be a bad scene.

7. Night time is a difficult time to rouse someone from a tow truck company in Malaysia.

8. The final bill was a whopping RM700 just to retrieve the Vespa … so make preparations early just in case of this sort of breakdown.

* Thank you Investor and contrarian for advice on this